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Saturday, December 31, 2016


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Canon 6D with 40mm F2.8 plus macro lens converter

" Without obsession, life is nothing "

- John Waters -

The one question starting with why, "Why are you taking photos of Lego and toys". Its the question where if I'm too lazy to answer it, I'll just answer "because its fun !". Well, is it the only point why i'm taking photos of Lego and toys? Sure no. There's a lot of factors why I'm into Toy Photography. Fun is one of the points of the Why Factors. But first, to be honest, I'm not actually a Lego Collector. I'm more into Lego Minifigures and toys that looks cute to be photographed. That's why I don't bother to have all the previous sets that is "retired set" unless the set is important for my photography. But hey, I do collect Ultimate Collector's Series (UCS) for Lego Star Wars. But still, the set which cost me a lot of money like the Death Star with the price of RM2500, I'll skip it. Yeah, I know, there's Lepin, Lele and others that cost cheaper around RM500.00, but in my personal view, the feel of the bricks is totally different. Lego feels better. But hey, if you want to buy the other brand, go ahead. I'm ok, we're still friend.

Lets get back to the main topic. The Why Factors.

1. Avanaut and Zenith Ardor

It was like 2 years ago, while I was scrolling my Instagram, I found the Instagram's Account these two photographers, Avanaut and Zenith Ardor. Honestly said, its the kickstart for me to fall in love with Toy Photography. I just love the way they use toys (mostly Lego minifigures) as a subject in photography. There's a story in each photos, its like the photo is alive. Because of them, I started to buy Lego. Yes, just started it, just because I wanted to use it in Photography and since that day, from just buying certain sets, Lego is now one of my hobbies.

2. Learn New Things in a fun way

Toy Photography helps you to learn new things in a fun way. While learning new techniques, you're also playing with the set. Toy Photography is not different from Portrait Photography, Food Photography and Product Photography. It requires you to set up a proper lighting, the background, the subject, and your creativity to set up the scene. You can even play around with the lighting as if during portrait / fashion photography such as using colour gel and others. The different will be the size of the subject. I did use some of the techniques from portrait photography in Toy Photography. It's not easy at first as you need to DIY for certain set up. But its fun !

3. New Friends

Toy Photography is like an international language. You can be friends with everyone from around the world even you only met via virtual. Just by 2-3 comments on Instagram at every post of the person you follow, later on, you're officially a friend that shares the same hobby. I have friends from Indonesia, United Kingdom, United States, Brunei and a lot more. Just by having the same hobby, Toy Photography.

4. Time

Last but not least, it's time. Being a person with most of the time during weekdays at the office and being a husband and father during night and weekends, time seems to be my enemy. During the days where I'm a Portrait Photographer, a Wedding Photographer, and a Street Photographer, I rarely have the time to do it. There were times where I can't pick up my DSLR for one to two months. I was like, that's it, I give up in photography. But its not easy to stop for the things that you love. At last, Toy Photography is the answer. Time is my bestfriend now. I can do it anytime I want.

Whatever the Why Factors, the main thing is that I'm happy with it. Me as an adult, playing with toys? Well, age is just a number. Nothing to be ashamed with. As the quote in Lego Movie :-

" You know the rules, this isn't a toy. Actually it's a highly sophisticated inter-locking brick system. "

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