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Thursday, September 14, 2017


© 2017 Hasif Rahman - Personal | Postcard From Thailand

Canon 6D with 40mm F2.8

" I keep all of my letters, postcards, and thank you notes. I'll keep them forever"

- Jane Levy -

Today, received a postcard from Thailand. Really love the design. A Muay Thai fighter ! Can I have more? Can't wait to swap more postcards from friends around the world ! It's fun !


© 2017 Hasif Rahman - Personal | Audrey Wants My Lego

Canon 6D with 40mm F2.8

" Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game "

- Michael Jordan -

The Lego is Strong with this one. Hehe


© 2017 Hasif Rahman - Personal | In Love With Midori

Canon 6D with 40mm F2.8

" Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it "

- Greg Anderson -

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. Greg Anderson
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Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. Greg Anderson
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Alkisahnya Sabtu yang lepas selepas menghadiri majlis perkahwinan di Putrajaya, sebelum pulang ke rumah hajat di hati untuk singgah di satu kedai yang menjual peralatan alat tulis. Namun bukan sebarang peralatan alat tulis, peralatan ini lebih kepada seni dan surat menyurat. Kedai ini terletak di Jaya One, Petaling Jaya dan diberi nama Stickerrific. Boleh search di Instagram jika anda ingin lihat apa yang dijual.

Hajat sebenar hanya ingin melawat kawasan sahaja, tetapi seperti biasa, jikalau melawat tidak mungkin tidak membeli. Haha. Beli juga sesuatu akhirnya tetapi berjaya dikawal jumlahnya. Pertamanya nota "How To Use Your Traveller's Notebook" tersebut dibeli secara donation. Duit donation tersebut pula digunakan untuk membeli makanan kucing terbiar. So, saya sedekah la sedikit dan ambil nota tersebut. Serius rasa kedai tersebut sangat menarik dan akan terpukau dengan segala jenis benda yang ada. Mungkin kerana terlalu teruja, lupa pula untuk ambil gambar kedai tersebut. Haha

So, apa yang dibeli? Tadaaaaaaaaa :-

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. Greg Anderson
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Berjaya membeli set Clear Stamps dengan tema flora. Beli yang murah dahulu untuk belajar cara menggunakan. Cara nak gunakan perlu juga ada Acrylic Block, dibeli juga kalau anda semua nampak di sebelah kiri atas. Agak lutsinar di situ. Barang terakhir dibeli adalah Alphabet Rubber Stamp dengan font sederhana kecil. Happy with my new little toys. 

Sebelum melangkah lebih jauh, mari kita belajar dahulu. Jumpa lagi di masa akan datang. Tadaa~

Monday, September 4, 2017


© 2017 Hasif Rahman - Personal | Special Edition Postcards by Emila Yusof

Canon 6D with 40mm F2.8

" A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving "

- Lao Tzu -

Received this wonderful special edition postcards by Emila Yusof from my wife yesterday. Not sure gonna swap it for other postcards. Haha. Love the creativity and colour. Such an amazing artist.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


© 2017 Hasif Rahman - Personal | Playing With Stationery

Canon 6D with 40mm F2.8

" I do the things I like to do. It's sort of a bigger version of having more than one hobby "

- Harry Connick Jr. -

I don't realize that playing with stationery will be fun. Using the rubber stamp, washi tapes, all types of pen, colour pencil, water colour, crayon, sketching paper, and a lot more. Some people might think its a waste of time, but for me, its one of the ways for you to learn about arts, being creative. Falling in love for the first time, I bought the Midori Travellers Notebook (from Tabiyo shop at Seremban), the passport size type for starters as I don't have the proper knowledge about it right now. Better not to rush things. Starts from the basic. Here's the look of it:-

 Midori Traveller's Notebook - Passport Size (Brown) 

It's kinda like a travel journal or a daily diary but with extra effort on it. Playing with sketching, water colour, sticker, rubber stamps and a lot more to make it wonderfull. The first Notebook surely will be the worst because it will be the notebook that I'll be experimenting a lot of things till I get the right theme. The same as photography, a wise man said the first 10,000 photos will be the worst. Starting a new thing will always be the hardest one but with hardwork it will get better in time.

To complete the basic for creating a Traveller's Notebook, I went to an event at Publika Shopping Gallery, #sukasenimy. An event for artist to sell their arts and lucky on that day, I found a shop selling the things I needed at Bijutsu Kogei booth. My heart was like, oh my, so many things to buy with little budget. I'm telling my self to keep calm and starts with basic. Things that I bought :-

1. Alphabet Rubber Stamp (Special Edition)

2. Date Stamp (Special Edition Cat Version)

3. Free three (3) Washi Tapes

Well, that's the few basic things I have for now. Waiting for my next salary next month to buy more. Haha. Wish list will be like :-

1. Distress Paint with brush
2. Fountain pen
3. More rubber stamps with creative designs

Hey ho ~


© 2017 Hasif Rahman - Personal | Heart & Soul

Xiaomi Redmi 4X

" The family is one of nature's masterpieces "

- George Santayana -

It's September 2017 already ! One month to go for another lil khalifah to be born in this world and Audrey Marissa gonna be a sister at the age of 2 years old. The Estimate Date of Delivery (EDD) from the doctor gonna be on 3rd November 2017, six days after my birthday and two days after my wife's birthday but I think it's gonna be a week earlier based on Audrey's date of birth. Honestly I can't really imagine how it's gonna be to have two lil children in the house. Looking after Audrey is already a bit challenging, and having two at the same time? Owh gosh. Haha. I don't know how some of my friends raising up more than five children at the same time. I think I can go GREEN when the time comes. Shouting at them NO ! NO ! DON'T DO THAT ! I SAID NO ! almost every minute I think. LOL. But still, its the best moment in live ever. Moments that will never be forgotten.

Now, it's time to list down names for the coming soon Lil Khalifah.