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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


© 2017 Hasif Rahman - Toy Photography | When Your Baby Becomes You

Canon 6D with 40mm F2.8 plus macro lens converter

" When I grow up, I want to be like you dad...a Storm Trooper "

- Anonymous -

The day will come, when your kids grow up. From a little baby and now a little girl who wanna play things with you. My story is, Audrey Marissa started to play Lego too. Yes, of course, I let her play with Lego sets that is not expensive. Mostly the minifigures, and not the rare ones, haha. No way I'm gonna give her the expensive sets. Its UCS ok. Ultimate Collector Series. Haha.

My wife even bought her DUPLO for her to play. One of the Lego sets for kids like Audrey. The bricks are bigger and safe for children to play. I don't mind if Audrey loves Lego too. I'll buy for her when the time is right. Together we shall rule the Lego world. Haha. Talking about Audrey, I realized it's been a while I didn't post any new photos of her.

Hoping Audrey will love Star Wars too. 

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